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Meet Our Therapy Dogs


Lachlan is a Therapy Dog at Valley Connections Counselling and lives with our Executive Director, Amanda, and her family. He is a purebred German Shepherd and joined us at nearly 4 months old in October of 2019. Lachlan is a very calm and gentle dog with loads of love to give. He loves to greet each of Amanda's clients and then cosy up for a nap for their Psychotherapy sessions. 


Lip accompanies Jasmin to both our Dundas and Burlington locations. He is a gentle giant who will happily greet you at the door and then sleep (or snuggle) for the remainder of your session.


Ruby is a sweet and rambunctious golden retriever puppy.  She accompanies Michelle to many of her therapy sessions in our Dundas and Burlington locations.


Watson is a golden retriever with a gentle soul and Ruby's big brother!  He makes guest appearances at our Dundas office.


Troni was our first Therapy Dog at Valley Connections Counselling. She began her life as a breeding dog, and when she turned 7, she came to live with Amanda and her family to begin her retirement. She was a gentle, timid, and loving dog, fond of children and smaller animals in particular.  She joined Amanda and her clients until 2021.  We miss her and will always love her.  We plan to honour her legacy by continuing to offer emotional support to our clients with our Therapy Dogs for many years to come.

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