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Amiah Keresturi, MSc, CCLS, OAMHP

Certified Child Life Specialist

Child and Youth Therapist


Amiah Keresturi, Child Life Specialist

Hello! My name is Amiah (she/her) and I am a Certified Child Life Specialist. I hold a master’s degree in Child Life and Pediatric Psychosocial Care from McMaster University, as well as a bachelors degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies from the University of Guelph. As a child life specialist, I use my knowledge of child development to provide individualized therapeutic interventions that help children and teens cope with adversities. 


 My education and work experiences reflect a lifelong passion for helping children and their families. I have over three years experience providing psychosocial support to children, youth and their families within the hospital environment. I also bring over five years experience providing support to children in the community. I’ve had the honour of providing compassionate care to hundreds of children and families, walking alongside them as they navigate challenging circumstances. 


 In my practice, I value building trusting therapeutic relationships to ensure a safe and welcoming environment where children and youth can explore and process their emotions. I believe in empowering individuals by harnessing their strengths to promote self-confidence and equip them with lifelong coping strategies. My approach involves play- and evidence-based therapeutic interventions with goals of promoting emotional literacy, expression, and teaching and rehearsing coping skills. All of this builds resiliency!  


I’d love to support you in this journey! Please book a complimentary 30-minute consultation so we can meet and decide if I'm the right fit.


Amiah's fees may be eligible for insurance coverage under extended health benefit plans.  Please note: It is your responsibility to find out from your employer and/or insurance company about the type of mental health coverage you have. Valley Connections Counselling and our therapists are not responsible for determining whether or not your insurance company will reimburse you for our services. Please find out the details of your benefits package before booking and attending your therapy sessions. Should you attend sessions and later learn that your insurance company will not cover your therapy sessions, you are responsible for paying for the fees of all attended sessions as well as any future sessions you choose to attend.  


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Individual Therapy

Play Therapy

Special Areas of Focus

Physical Illnesses/Diagnoses 

 Disabilities - Physical, Learning, Mental health Divorce 

Grief, Loss, and Bereavement 

 Supporting siblings of children/teens with chronic illness 

Supporting siblings through perinatal loss

 Supporting children/teens of parents with cancer or chronic illness 

 Supporting children/teens who are palliative Funeral preparation and support for children/teens 

 Disordered eating, Body Image, Self-Esteem 


Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) 

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD, ADHD) 

Anxiety and Stress

Social Anxiety 

Providing support during medical procedures

Therapeutic Approaches



 Therapeutic play 

Therapeutic art 

Normative play 

Normative art 

 Developmentally supportive play 


 Promoting emotional literacy and expression Trauma-informed   

Amiah offers her services virtually or at our Burlington location.

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You can also email us at or call 905-966-4309

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Child/Youth Counselling


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Parenting Support


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