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Working with Interns

If you are considering seeing one of Valley Connections Counselling’s intern psychotherapists, here are some key points to consider in making a your decision:

  • Training and Supervision: Intern psychotherapists are typically in the final stages of their training, having completed their academic coursework and are now gaining supervised experience. They work under the guidance and supervision of our experienced Registered Psychotherapists and Clinical Supervisors, Amanda Youssef, RP and Kiara Panetta, RP. Our Interns receive regular and ongoing supervision, meeting with their supervisor individually, in dyads, and in groups with other therapists.  They have also been clients themselves, in the past and currently, so they have real-life experience sitting in the client’s seat!


  • Credentials and Registration: Our interns hold degrees in psychology, counselling, social work, or related fields. They are in the Qualifying stage of their registration with the CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario) and are working towards acquiring their ability to practice independently, and they operate within the guidelines and regulations set by their governing body.


  • Experience and Specializations: While interns may have less therapeutic experience compared to fully registered psychotherapists, they are often equipped with up-to-date knowledge and fresh perspectives.  Sometimes they are entering therapy as a second or third career, and therefore, carry some life experience and other perspectives that complement their work as therapists.


  • Cost and Accessibility: Our interns' services are often covered by extended health insurance coverage.  In exceptional cases, a sliding scale is also available. 


  • Location and Availability: Our interns offer their services in both of our clinics in Dundas and Burlington,  as well as virtually, and strive to offer flexible hours.  Their internships are typically approximately 8 months long.  Some interns continue to work with our team of Registered Psychotherapists at Valley Connections Counselling upon completion of their internship.  In fact, many of our current therapists were once interns at Valley!


  • Therapeutic Relationship: The quality of the therapeutic relationship is crucial for effective therapy. We offer the opportunity to have an initial consultation free of charge, in order for you to ask questions to assess whether you feel comfortable and connected with your intern therapist. Feeling understood and supported is essential for successful therapy outcomes. 


  • Open Communication: Clear communication is key. When you meet your intern therapists, discuss your goals for therapy, any concerns you may have, and ask about their approach to treatment planning and therapy.

Remember, while interns are in the process of gaining experience, they often bring enthusiasm, fresh knowledge, and a strong commitment to helping clients. Ultimately, the decision to work with an intern psychotherapist should align with your comfort level, needs, and preferences in therapy. If you are unsure, feel free to reach out to our Executive Assistant, Alessia Fazio, who can help you to make a decision about whether an intern is a good fit for you.

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